August 19, 2015


Drawing or painting is a very relaxing experience. Sometimes I manage to concentrate so much on what I create with pen and pencil that I forget everything around me, including time.

Occasionally I manage to produce something that I am really satisfied with and want to show it. Showing would not be necessary of course; the fun of creating should be enough for me. But still.

And as the saying goes; if it is not on the web, it does not exist. Hence I decided to put pictures of what I do in my spare time (yes, this is a hobby project) on some website. Since I already use blogger (see here) I just start these separate pages.

If what is shown here is art, I cannot say. You decide. Meanwhile I have fun when creating these works. Seeing how something develops in rather unexpected ways sometime. Occasionally, but unfortunately not always, even to the better. Should you find something you like I am happy.

Since I like experimenting - I am not always sure what I am after when I start - some pieces are a combination of several different techniques. Over time I will show a couple of works in each new post.

For starters two pieces are shown below; a drawing I made many many years ago and a recent paining.

Self portrait (about 1998); pencil on paper (25 cm x 33 cm)

No title (2015); ink and acrylic paint on canvas panel (22 cm x 27 cm)